十大正规网赌平台不断努力,以确保每一个学生在十大正规网赌平台茁壮成长. We are conscious of the fact that thriving school requires a strong sense of belonging so that those with less 特权 and power have an equal sense of ownership and pride in their education and community, as those who have more 特权 and power due to aspects of their identity like class, 比赛, 性别, 和更多的. 十大正规网赌平台 commits to staying steadfast in its commitment to ensuring our mission is being delivered to all students, 不仅仅是一些. 这样做, 十大正规网赌平台必须总是愿意考虑十大正规网赌平台不知道的事情, 以开放和谦逊的态度倾听, 让十大正规网赌平台的社区参与有意义的对话. 
而工作的多样性, 股本, 和包容(DEI)是整个社会的工作, 十大正规网赌平台有负责实施DEI倡议的关键工作组, 实践, and procedures to ensure we are always investigating and advancing 股本 and inclusion so that we can welcome an increasingly diverse student and staffulty body with empathy, 开放, 知识, 和意识.
由管理人员和教职员工组成的横断面团队, 专责小组定期举行会议,以便:
  • 确定社区发展的领域和盲点
  • 制定并实施适当的应对措施和解决方案
  • 根据需要支持和/或促进指定学者活动
  • 如有需要,担任学生和教职员论坛的主持人
  • 作为一个连接和分享的空间

定义多样性、公平、 & 包容

多样性: 多样性 relates to differences in those aspects of identity that impact the social experiences—including perception, 状态, 特权, 机会, 获取资源——在一个社区内的一群人. “多样性”包括主导群体和多数群体, 没有他们,就没有可感知和/或可体验的“规范”.”

换句话说, 多样性=代表性, and suggests that we explore whether our school population represents our community and whether our students see themselves in our faculty and staff.
股票: Equity is about equalizing the ability to thrive; recognizing and addressing unfair cultural and institutional biases and discrimination.
换句话说, 公平=公平, and suggests that we ask ourselves: How do we ensure that all members of our community enjoy equal access to 机会, 资源, 和信息?
包含: 包容 is how a group creates an environment in which diverse members share a sense of belonging, 相互尊重, 因为他们是谁而被重视. It is the supportive energy and commitment from others so that these groups can do their best work.

一些团体 & 委员会

The DEI working group is comprised of a small group of staffulty and meets regularly through the year with the purpose of iterating and deploying the inclusion survey each year, 并制作相应的报告. This group continues to consider how we use data to stay accountable to our DEI goals, 跟踪十大正规网赌平台作为一个机构的进步. 

Comprised of a small group of Trustees and a staffulty member, this committee is responsible for:
  • 确保DEI成为战略和体制上的优先事项
  • 与DEI总监和工作组合作实施关键举措
十大正规网赌平台家长协会(SAPA) DEI委员会
  • 与家长社区就DEI问题进行教育
  • 为家长创造有意义的DEI参与工作的机会
  • Ensures a welcoming and inclusive parent community through outreach, social activities, 和更多的
The mission of QSA is to make 十大正规网赌平台 a safer 和更多的 accommodating school for people of all 性取向s, 性别身份, 和表达. We raise awareness through campus education initiatives and direct action while raising money to support organizations that share our goals in the wider community. We provide a fun and accepting social space for LGBTQ students and their allies to strengthen relationships, 相互学习,探讨LGBTQ话题和关注的问题. 正在进行的项目包括查询问答论坛, "性别bread" cookie sale during winter exam week and annual participation in the National Day of Silence.

The purpose of affinity groups for both students and staffulty is to provide brave spaces where  a group of people united by a shared interest or identifying marker can gather to share and celebrate their shared identity or interest.

At 十大正规网赌平台 the following affinity groups are led by students: Asian Affinity Group, 黑人学生会, 犹太人亲和团体, 多种族/多民族有色人种亲缘团体, LatinX亲和组, LGBTQ+亲和团体, 和跨亲和组.

对于staffulty, 这些小组是:颜色亲和性小组的工作人员, 白人反种族主义亲和组织, LGBTQIA+亲和组.

If students or staffulty are interested in creating and leading an affinity group, they can contact the DEI Director to learn more about affinity group leadership and facilitation preparation and training. 


十大正规网赌平台相信,在一个相互联系的社区中,学习效果最好. 多样性, 股本, and inclusivity are essential to an education in which all members of our community thrive. We are committed to cultivating a diverse community that is conscious and welcoming of difference, 致力于调查和推进股权, 并与当地和全球社区合作. 
    • 2021-22 DEI学生咨询


The 十大正规网赌平台 包容 Survey was designed and deployed to help the school explore the student body’s sense of belonging and inclusion. We collected demographic data of respondents in order to assess whether various aspects of identity impacted student responses. Some aspects of identity did not demonstrate noticeable differences in responses while others did. 

包容性调查是一项年度活动,随着十大正规网赌平台不断收集数据, we will share it with the community in an effort to create a culture of data literacy and transparency.
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...索诺玛县唯一的私立独立大学预科高中. On our beautiful campus nestled at the base of Taylor Mountain in Southeastern Santa Rosa, 十大正规网赌平台的学生能够探索 their interests and 激情s in a rigorous and inspiring environment that develops a lifelong love of learning and prepares them for college and beyond.

十大正规网赌平台招收任何种族的学生, color, 宗教, 种族或民族出身, 公民身份, 性别或性别认同和表达, 性取向, 或残疾, 所有的权利, 特权, 项目, 以及学校通常给予或提供给学生的活动. 这所学校没有种族歧视, color, 宗教, 种族或民族出身, 公民身份, 性别或性别认同和表达, 性取向, 或者在教育政策的执行上有缺陷, 招生政策, 奖学金和学费补助计划, 以及体育和其他学校管理的项目.